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Credit Suisse predicts global growth of 5.9% for 2021, says stocks to outperform other asset classes

In the equities market, Credit Suisse said it prefers exposure to cyclical sectors such as financials and materials.

Visa to buy Swedish fintech Tink for $2.1 billion after abandoning Plaid takeover

Visa has agreed to acquire Swedish financial technology start-up Tink for 1.8 billion euros ($2.1 billion).

The ‘incredible’ U.S. tech stocks to buy when there’s a dip: Investor

Investors should consider buying certain Big Tech stocks if the price is right, one chief investment officer told CNBC.

Mining bitcoin could be about to get a whole lot easier after China’s crypto crackdown

Though it may not be good news for bitcoin miners in China, others could stand to benefit.

Covid is already deadlier this year than in all of 2020. So why do many Americans think it’s over?

In the global scramble for Covid-19 vaccines, high-income countries, predictably, have sought to secure stocks for their own populations first.

A shortage of doctors and nurses has contributed to Japan’s slow vaccine rollout, professor says

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, a 2017 World Health Organization report noted Japan was facing a "critical shortage of doctors."

Asia may be first in, last out of the Covid pandemic, says travel services firm

A health worker prepares a vial of Chinese Sinovac vaccine against Covid-19 coronavirus disease inside a movie theatre turned into a vaccination center in...

The Fed doesn’t need to worry about the hot housing market right now, Jim Cramer says

The Federal Reserve doesn't need to try to cool down the hot U.S. housing market with higher rates, even as home prices keep rising,...